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Sea Freight

We understand that the world’s oceans serve as vital arteries of global trade, not just vast expanses of water. Our sea freight services are meticulously crafted to unlock the immense potential of maritime transportation, ensuring that your cargo reaches every corner of the world. By selecting us, you’re opting for economical, streamlined, and environmentally friendly logistics solutions.

  • Complete Tailored Solutions.
  • Multi Model Bill of Lading including door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal and port-to-port.
  • Special handling.
  • Full documentation and procedural support.


  • Less-than-container (LCL).
  • Full-container-load (FCL).
  • Project Forwarding.
  • Non-containerized / Oversized.
  • Loading / unloading.
  • Container Pool Management.
  • Full documentation services and inspection arrangements.
  • Banking documentation assistance.
  • Marine insurance.
  • Distribution and logistics planning.
  • Duty Drawbacks.
“ Keeping up with the latest in Special Handling and Related Regulatory requirements, helps us raise to new challenges with Confidence.”
Ramya Harilal
Ramya Harilal
Customer Service - Supervisor
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